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I enjoy working on the front end of web applications. I have been doing this since 1995, so I guess you could call me experienced. I often get asked in interviews if I know how to write code that is cross browser compatible.....I usually chuckle and say, "Have you heard of Netscape?"

Cross browser life is much easier today than it was back then, but the front end has grown ever more complex over the years. I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the latest technology while still retaining my knowledge on the older ones. With the growning popularity of JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript has become a major player in web development and I thrive on keeping track of all the cool new stuff that it can do!

HTML5 and CSS3 play well together and I am highly experienced working with both of them. Having been writting HTML since 1995, I can write it with my eyes closed......uh...almost. CSS3 is fun to work with and it's possibilities are almost limitless. The front end has become a highly complex layer of overall web applications and I thrive in this layer!

When I am not writting code, you might find me out riding my bicycle or teaching a spin and sculpting class at my wifes studio. When I am not being active, I like to hang out with my 6 year old daughter and teach her how to do math and read. She has had a smart phone for about 2 years now. Phone deactived of course. I love spending time with my family and I also love geeking out on my computer when I have free time!

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Barre Bliss Website

Built and currently maintain website for a fitness studio. Work with owner and marketing to create and build a responsive website that is very easy to use with a clean and simple design.

Fitness Timer Open Source

A recent OpenSource project I started to create an online timer for fitness instructors. The idea is to create a simple and eventually customizable timer so an instructor can use it to help them teach class. It lists the move for eaxh segment of time.

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ShadJS JavaScript Framework Open Source

In order to gain a deeper knowledge of JavaScript as a framework, I decided to create a simple framework so I can learn more about JavaScript from a non-view perspective. This framework is very simple at the moment. When I have time, I will add more functionality to it. This project is for fun and not a serious project......yet.

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