One thought on “Giving the Lowside some needed love!

  1. Hey Shad ,thanks for all the cool tips and videos .You and I have lots in common ,I’m 55 and been into bikes since the early 80s too and still charge enough to get hurt .I also ride the astroturf green Lowside ,I think I got mine just before you did .I want to ask if could help me out with fitting a suspension fork up front on mine ,I need a lil cush since I mostly ride freestyle down here in Mexico where I live and you know some old injuries flare up once in awhile ,I’m pretty much made of scars my friend .Surly recommends 100mm but I’m going a lil bigger and the tall and straight head tube doesn’t leave me many options .I’m thinking Rockshoxx Recon RL 130mm and it’s tapered so what do you think I need for an adapter for the bottom EC ? My Lowside has a Cane Creek headset and they make a bunch of crown races ,I just don’t know which one to pick ,so I don’t mess up .It’s really hard to get stuff down here and takes a long time ,sometimes Customs will hold packages ransom and make me pay extra money once it’s already made it to Mexico and won’t free it for delivery until I cough up more money .Your advise would be very appreciated. I’m also gonna swap out rear cogs like you did and try to rider some stuff from Wolftooth ,I love their products but not sure if they will ship to Mexico ,most brands don’t so more often I have to wait until I go back to US and cram a bunch of parts in a suitcase and that works as long as I don’t over in weight at the airport .Everything in Mexico is a challenge but living here is amazing, bikes rule down here and you would be impressed on how may people ride and for some a bicycle is part of everyday life and they are everywhere .Most have shitty bikes buy still use them all day ,everyday .I enjoy fixing up bikes for my friends or anybody actually if that uses them .Thanks in advance and remember you can’t get hurt in the air ! So send it brah !.Roddy

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