Wahoo Purchases RGT Cycling App

For quite a few years now we have really only had Zwift available to us for a truly virtual cycling app. Then RGT came along with some really good concepts, but not enough money to really compete with Zwift. But that is about to change!

Wahoo just purchased RGT and they are combing the subscription service with Wahoo SYSTM, without any price increase, which is cool. The new service is call wahoo X. So if you are a member of either subscription you are now a member of both.

It wasn’t that long ago I did a video review of RGT on my YouTube channel. I was pretty impressed with it and I liked some of the features it offered that Zwift does not. The big thing it was missing was the gameplay style environment that Zwift has and also the many routes available on its large maps. With Zwift I can earn drops which is like earning money to buy things. So I can get upgraded bikes and wheels to improve the performance of my rider. There is also a larger community on Zwift and so on. It’s just much more evolved than RGT.

There is one cool feature of RGT that Zwift doesn’t have. If you have a real route you like to ride you can upload it into RGT and it will generate your route, with a fake world environment, for you. I haven’t used this feature personally, but I have read about it quite a bit and it sounds like a cool feature. My guess is you use a GPX file or something from Garmin or other GPS tracking device. But I am not 100 percent sure on this, it’s just a wild guess.

What I like about this is that now Zwift has some competition. What I hope happens is that both apps evolve and give us users (riders?) more options and choices. One thing I personally would like to see more of is mountain biking and the use of steering a lot more. Zwift offered a short 2 mile mountain biking steering course called Repack Ridge in 2019 and nothing similar has been added since. Repack Ridge is an extremely fun way to get in a good workout and not only involves pedaling, but more of a gameplay experience requiring you to have to steer and stay on course with scoring of the line you took.

In the end, my guess is that the virtual app space is about to heat up and for all of us that’s a good thing!

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