I am going to Bentonville!

I was there over 2 years ago and from what I hear a lot has been added since I was there last. I can’t wait to check out all the trails. The weather will be a little cold when I first get there, but the rest of the week I am there it looks to be much better.

Photo from online of one of the cool features added

I plan to bring all of my filming equipment and my new more powerful laptop so I can film, edit and upload videos for my YouTube channel @shadlife. Since I have been to Bentonville I have had a knee replacement on my left knee, so I am excited to go ride without the pain I used to have all the time. Over the last couple of years, I feel so much better on my bike and I can ride harder and much longer distances than I have in a long time!

I will also post here in the news feed with updates on my trip as well as how the new upgrades on my Salsa Rustler are working out. I plan to bring the new DIY Carbon Wheels with me so I can try them out and compare the aluminum wheels. I am super curious to know how big of a difference the wheels will make.

I hope to run into some people down there. Expect more posts soon!!

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